Brett Perucco Photography: Blog en-us (C) Brett Perucco Photography (Brett Perucco Photography) Wed, 03 Jun 2015 04:06:00 GMT Wed, 03 Jun 2015 04:06:00 GMT Brett Perucco Photography: Blog 120 120 Using Channels in Photoshop to Replace a Sky Learn how to replace a sky or remove sensor dust in a plain sky using channels to create a mask. This is one of the cleanest ways to do a selection, especially if you have complex trees in the image. 


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Sports Photos This year I had the opportunity to do the sports photos for the booster club. It was a lot of fun. It seems the kids are willing to try all kinds of ideas and I think we ended up with some pretty awesome shots as a result. Here's a few of my favorite:

Track Girls

Jr High Girls Track and Field



The Lone Senior


DSC_5813-Edit-2 Softball Team


Senior Boys Seniors - Boys Baseball

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Father's Day 2012 Featured Photo As I was reading my news feed on Facebook today, I came across a neat surprise. I saw that announced their editor pics for top Father's Day Photos of 2012. What caught my eye was the thumbnail was my photo! I clicked it and saw that it was the second choice!Weird that they didn't notify me, but a neat surprise, especially since I haven't been on in years. 

The photo is this one, which was actually taken by Cindy, since I'm in the photo:

To see the other selections and read the blog, check it out here:

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Request to be Published - Hockey Book I received an email the other day for a request to be published in a hockey book. This was rather exciting because the other times I've been published, they've been in digital publications. This will be the first print publication. Although I won't be paid, I will receive photo credits in the book as well as a couple of autographed copies of the book.

Here is a copy of the email:

Hello Brett,

I would like to feature two of your Flickr photos 






Red Wing Fan 2

in my new hockey book. I’m very impressed with the quality and spirit of your photos - they would look great in print!

About me: I am an established sports writer from Toronto. This will be my eighth hockey project. My others include Double Overtime, Xtreme Hockey, The Canadian Hockey Atlas, The Best of Hockey Night in Canada, The Last Hurrah, and Slapshots. My next book, Triple Overtime, will focus on NHL team history and fan culture. It will be in stores in the fall of 2012.

In order to use your image, I will need confirmation that the photo was taken by you. In exchange for permission to use your photo, I will of course formally credit you in the book and can also recommend your work on Flickr, your blog, Linkedin, etc. Please just let me know exactly how you’d like your credit to appear (usual format: Name/Flickr).

Please let me know as soon as possible, as my deadline for your approval is in the next couple of weeks. If you are willing to grant permission and release for your photo, I would need you to please provide an original high-resolution version of the photo along with notification of your permission to reproduce and publish the image.

I am happy to provide more details, so please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions.

Great photos, keep ’em coming! All the best,

Stephen Cole

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Fun in the Studio with Ellia For this series I simply set up a backdrop in our living room. It was rather a quick shoot and I stayed simple with strobist lighting.

Faces of Ellia

Darlin' Daughter

Ellia with Attitude


Here's the setup:

SB-28 inside Apollo Westcott softbox at 1/1 power

SB-600 on left through shoot through umbrella at 1/2 power.

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Winter in Wisconsin + Flickr Explore It's been an odd winter this year. We ended up with a beautiful snowfall though Friday morning. Luckily we had a 2 hour delay so I was able to get out and get a few shots. One of those turned into a Flickr Explore for the day.  Here's a few of my favorites:



Winter Cattails {Explored}

Snowy Rock River Park

HDR Snowfall

Snowy Stream

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Third Photo to Flickr Explore I had another photo make it into Flickr Explore today.  Here it is:


Coffee Diptych (Explored)

Here's another from the series: For the Love of Coffee

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New Blog... Again I once again have a new blog. Why? Because ZenFolio (my hosting company) now integrates it into their web pages. I have been waiting for this feature for a long time and am quite excited. It's pretty rough so far, but I'm looking forward to see what it's going to evolve into. I kind of wish they would've figured out a way to do Wordpress integration however.

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For the Love of Coffee I’ve had this idea in my mind for quite some time. While shopping at Wal-Mart the other day I came across some fresh coffee beans. I picked up a small amount and began to execute the shot.  Shot with a single flash (SB-600 at 1/4 power with shoot through umbrella) camera right. Here’s the results:
For the Love of Coffee


Coffee Diptych

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Jr High Basketball Photos I photographed the JR High team photos this week for the yearbook. It seems like girls are always willing to get their photo taken, especially middle schoolers. This gave me an opportunity to try an effect I hadn’t done before. They were very patient (since they had to wait around for their game to start anyway) and liked the effect, even before seeing the post processing.

Basketball Portrait


Basketball Portrait 2

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Photo Selected for Yahoo Weather I was contacted by Yahoo today to submit the following photo to their weather team group. They want to use it as a background image of the Yahoo Weather App. Pretty cool news. I won’t get paid, but I will hopefully get additional traffic to my web site from the publicity.
Arlington Amphitheater

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Cold Day at the Pond Our foreign exchange student, Isaa,c tagged along for this shoot. It was a cold windy day but the sun was setting nice. Unfortunately, the sky wasn’t that great to look at. Each shot is 3 exposures bracketed. Edited in PS to add some color and clean up some dust.
Sunset Over Pond 3


Sunset Over Pond 2


Sunset Over Pond 1

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Totally Rad Contest Totally Rad is running a contest to win a free iPad. You just have to show how you used your photo with their software (which is actually pretty awesome, especially if you don’t have any editing skills).

Here’s the before:

and after:


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New Address I have once again moved my blog address. It is now The reason for the move is that now takes you to my main website, hosted by ZenFolio. Please update your RSS feeds.

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A Review of Waze Social GPS For those of you that are looking into an alternative GPS for your phone, here is my review written directly to Waze: (Note, Waze is a social GPS application with an awesome concept, but bad navigation)

Waze, I wanted to give you an honest review of your product. I had been a Waze Android user for some time now. I abandoned it awhile ago due to reliability issues. When I saw 3.0 was coming out, I decided to give it another go. Why? Because your concept is simply amazing. The idea of social GPS is revolutionary, and I think you really have something here. However, after just one day of use with the new version, I have to once again abandon you. Why? Because your directions are terrible and your maps are out of date.

First, to address the mapping issue. I love that you can pave new roads… genius! BUT, why not integrate roads that are already correct? In my area, lots of new roads have been created. Google Maps (Which I believe gets their data from TeleNav) already has the info correct, your software on the other hand does not. Wouldn’t it make sense to get data that is already correct and then just let users make small adjustments, rather than having to recreate the wheel? For this, Google Navigation is a winner for me.

Second, the navigation itself. Will Waze get me where I need to go? Yes. Efficiently? Not even close! Even in areas where all of the roads show up on the Waze map, the program has me taking bizarre turns that don’t make any sense. There are times where it even wants me to go miles out of my way (I have the fastest option checked by the way, and this would not be the fastest way, not even close). Google Navigation always seems to take the most efficient route. Something is obviously wrong with your routing servers.

Everything else I’ve played around with in the program is great. But in my opinion, instead of working on new updates that change the GUI, navigation issues really need to be addressed.

In the mean time, I won’t be deleting Waze from my phone, but when I need to get somewhere, I’ll have to go with the reliable Google Navigation.

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Just an Update Wow, I haven’t written a blog post in a long long time! An update on Project 365… I’m now past the 200 mark! However, It’s not a true 365, but very close! I’m getting in a photo almost every day, but life circumstances prevent me from doing something every night.

I’ve also been reading a lot lately, and I mean a lot! I just finished a book called Bar Code Booty, which was okay… about people selling on Amazon. I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time with it. I’m also reading Decision Points by George Bush and Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. For my photography reading, I’ve been reading a bit of Joe McNally’s Hot Shoe Diaries. I’m not much for TTL shooting wireless via a commander, but I have learned a few neat things. Like the fact that I can boost my shutter to 1/5000 and still sync my SB-600. Here is the result of playing around with that:



Finally, I’d like to thank Ryan Hernalsteen for showing me about the new Facebook integration plugin for WordPress, as well as inspiring me to get out running again.

Maybe I’ll be inspired to do a bit more blog writing my photos. I’m also overdue for a tutorial. Speaking of which, I get to go to the Kelby Photoshop Training Workshop in Milwaukee!!!

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Seniors It’s been a long time since I’ve done an update on here. I’ve been busy shooting everything. I’ve even been able to keep up (mostly) with my 365 project.

In the past few weeks, I’ve done a few senior portrait sessions. These are probably my favorite to shoot since typically the models are the most cooperative. My favorite results come form photographing little ones, but the act of taking their photos is quite challenging at times.

Here’s a few of my favorites from a few recent sessions.

Amber 2

Amber 1


Tyler  on the Tracks

Jordan 3


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Water Drops + Tutorial The Setup:

1. Soda bottle filled with water (with a small whole poked in the bottom), suspended above a paint tray (already filled with water).

   - The reason for suspending the water bottle is to allow each drop of water to hit exactly in the same place each time, allowing the photographer to focus the camera on that spot ahead of time.

2. A pen is placed at the point in which the water drops are hitting and the focus point is set on the pen.

3. Switch to manual focus, your camera will not have time to focus on the falling drops.

4. An off camera flash is used, aimed at some colorful background. For the shots below, I used a Betty Crocker cookbook and some sort of board game for my wife’s 3rd grade class.

5. My settings: (note, yours may end up being different. Distance will play a factor here). Flash was at 1/8 power, Camera was 1/200 at f/8.

6. Timing and multiple shots will make this work.





Emerging DropEmerging Drop


Patriotic ExplosionPatriotic Explosion

Red/Yellow SplashRed/Yellow Splash

Suspended DropSuspended Drop

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