Fog on Hagerman LakeFog on Hagerman Lake

Water Drops + Tutorial

September 12, 2011  •  Leave a Comment

The Setup:

1. Soda bottle filled with water (with a small whole poked in the bottom), suspended above a paint tray (already filled with water).

   - The reason for suspending the water bottle is to allow each drop of water to hit exactly in the same place each time, allowing the photographer to focus the camera on that spot ahead of time.

2. A pen is placed at the point in which the water drops are hitting and the focus point is set on the pen.

3. Switch to manual focus, your camera will not have time to focus on the falling drops.

4. An off camera flash is used, aimed at some colorful background. For the shots below, I used a Betty Crocker cookbook and some sort of board game for my wife’s 3rd grade class.

5. My settings: (note, yours may end up being different. Distance will play a factor here). Flash was at 1/8 power, Camera was 1/200 at f/8.

6. Timing and multiple shots will make this work.





Emerging DropEmerging Drop


Patriotic ExplosionPatriotic Explosion

Red/Yellow SplashRed/Yellow Splash

Suspended DropSuspended Drop


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