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A Review of Waze Social GPS

January 31, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

For those of you that are looking into an alternative GPS for your phone, here is my review written directly to Waze: (Note, Waze is a social GPS application with an awesome concept, but bad navigation)

Waze, I wanted to give you an honest review of your product. I had been a Waze Android user for some time now. I abandoned it awhile ago due to reliability issues. When I saw 3.0 was coming out, I decided to give it another go. Why? Because your concept is simply amazing. The idea of social GPS is revolutionary, and I think you really have something here. However, after just one day of use with the new version, I have to once again abandon you. Why? Because your directions are terrible and your maps are out of date.

First, to address the mapping issue. I love that you can pave new roads… genius! BUT, why not integrate roads that are already correct? In my area, lots of new roads have been created. Google Maps (Which I believe gets their data from TeleNav) already has the info correct, your software on the other hand does not. Wouldn’t it make sense to get data that is already correct and then just let users make small adjustments, rather than having to recreate the wheel? For this, Google Navigation is a winner for me.

Second, the navigation itself. Will Waze get me where I need to go? Yes. Efficiently? Not even close! Even in areas where all of the roads show up on the Waze map, the program has me taking bizarre turns that don’t make any sense. There are times where it even wants me to go miles out of my way (I have the fastest option checked by the way, and this would not be the fastest way, not even close). Google Navigation always seems to take the most efficient route. Something is obviously wrong with your routing servers.

Everything else I’ve played around with in the program is great. But in my opinion, instead of working on new updates that change the GUI, navigation issues really need to be addressed.

In the mean time, I won’t be deleting Waze from my phone, but when I need to get somewhere, I’ll have to go with the reliable Google Navigation.


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